Africa Economic and Security Council (AESC) is an independent think tank that aims to be a space of exchange of ideas between the countries of Europe, Asia and Africa for better trade relations, sustainable economy and global security.

AESC is a nonprofit think tank dedicated to fostering economic, political, social, developmental, and security relations between Europe, Africa, and Asia through analysis and debate.

Right now you can already enjoy our exclusive selection of news while our goal in the short-term future is to provide a platform for engaging partners and researchers in evaluating and discussing policies. In addition, we aim to monitor and to create high quality economic policy analyses through evidence-based-research.

Our main focus is to enhance development outcomes in Africa, the EU, and Asia, on topics such as trade, investment, and global security.

AESC also conducts research in global security policies and facilitates networking and consulting services. Our goal is to deliver high-quality information and flexible analysis of a wide variety of issues in the three regions.

This initiative, mainly supported by international private partners, is to provide a global perspective on economic and security development in the triangular relationship between Europe, Asia, and Africa.