Brexit as an opportunity for Africa?

Brexit as an opportunity for Africa?

Photo source: DW

It will be a big leap into the unknown once the United Kingdom triggers formal talks to leave the European Union. The EU’s existing trade agreements will then no longer apply to Britain and have to be renegotiated.

“We don’t know where we are going to end,” Ghana’s Foreign Affairs Minister Shirley Ayorko Botchwey told DW.

“Are we going to have to sign new agreements? And if so which agreements are we going to sign? All these things are very fluid at the moment, so you can’t say much.”

Traditionally, trade with the UK has been very important for African Commonwealth countries like Ghana. At its peak in 2012, UK-Commonwealth Trade accounted for $120 billion (110 billion euros), according to the Commonwealth.

Some are hopeful the UK might be eyeing to boost trade with its former colonies.